Káldôr is a landlocked feudal kingdom in eastern Hârn. King Míginath of House Elendsa, now aged 68, has ruled for the past 27 years. He has always been prone to illness, and his long reign has surprised many. His advancing age worries many of his subjects, for although he has three illegitimate sons, he has never formally acknowledged them, nor nominated a successor.

The capital of Káldôr is Tashal, a city of some 11,000 souls. It has temples to Larani, Peoni, Save-K’nor, Sarajin, Ivlir and Halea. Every spring, caravans from the four corners of Hârn converge on the city for its summer fair; as a result the Mercantyler’s Guild of Tashal is one of the wealthiest in Hârn. Tashal’s craftsmen produce excellent vellum (fine parchment), and the city’s wool trade is significant. The city has recently begun trading with the dwarven kingdom of Azadmere, and a small quantity of dwarven-made products have come onto its market; they are high wuality and expensive.

Káldôr claims more land than it can actually control; its fringes lie in lands inhabited by barbarian tribes: the Pagaelin, to the south and south-east, the Taelda to the north and north-west, the Kath in the Kathela Hills to the west, and the Chelni further west. The Chelni are skilled riders; the Pagaelin are extremely hostile to outsiders. Several gargun tribes infest the hills and mountains beyond the barbarian lands.

Administratively, Káldôr is divided into six shires, each run by a sheriff, and two marches under the authority of a warden. Shires are subdivided into hundreds. See Káldôr Government.

Alongside the government bureaucracy are the feudal nobility. Four earls and five barons hold their lands directly from the king of Káldôr; a further seven barons hold lands from earls. The crown keeps significantly more land than it subinfeudates: royal holdings include the city of Tashal (and its castle, Caer Elend, which is the king’s primary seat), the castle of Olokand, and six keeps. Most are run on the king’s behalf by sheriffs or constables. See Káldôr nobility.


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