Lady Eríla Káphin

A handsome middle-aged woman dressed in expensive, fashionable finery: figure-hugging dress with long sleeves, greying hair loose beneath a barbette hat.


Lady Eríla, now 41, is the Keeper of the Privy Seal of King Miginath of Káldôr, a position of power roughly equivalent to being his private secretary. She is also widely believed to be the king’s lover.

As Keeper of the Privy Seal, Lady Eríla manages the king’s personal affairs. She also runs his network of royal agents, the closest thing Káldôr has to a secret service.

Lady Eríla was born to a knightly family in the neighbouring kingdom of Chybisa.

Her only child, Sir Tulath Kaphin, is rumoured to be the king’s bastard. Though he is young – just 24 – he serves as the Sheriff of Vemionshire. Lady Eríla, possibly with the king’s aid, arranged for him an advantagous to Elana Verdreth, daughter of the Baron of Ternua. The couple have one child, a son named after his father, who is one year old.

Lady Eríla Káphin

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