A tall, dark-skinned monk with auburn hair and dark eyes from the Mafani state of Idepan. Bald, but with a the shade of a beard around his chin. Fairly young looking, but with sagging shoulders and a haunted look in his eyes.



Strength: 15 Endurance: 14 Dexterity: 14 Agility: 11 Speed: 9
Eyesight: 11 Hearing: 14 Smell/Taste: 9 Touch: 8 Voice: 8
Intelligence: 15 Aura: 10 Will: 10 Morality: 13 (law-abiding)

Birth & Family

Species & Sex: Human Male Birthdate: 14 Azura 694 Sunsign: Hirin (the Eagle)
Birthplace: Idepan, Mafan Parent Occupation: Fisherman Sibling Rank: 2nd of 3
Clanhead: Aunt Estrangement: Unpopular

Medical & Appearance

Medical: None Handedness: Right Size: 7
Frame: Medium Height: 6ft 2ins Weight: 171lb
Complexion: Dark Hair colour: Auburn Eye colour: Dark
Comeliness: 11 (average)


Psyche: None Religion: Zarath (Siem) Piety: 21

Skills (SB/ML)

Physical & Combat: Climbing 13/52, Condition 13/65, Dodge 11/55, Initiative 10/50, Jumping 14/56, Mobility 11/55, Stealth 12/36, Throwing 15/60, Unarmed 13/52.

Martial Arts Maneuvers: Sweep, Pressure Points, Passing Move.

Communication: Awareness 11/44, Intrigue 12/36, Oratory 13/59, Rhetoric 13/59, Ritual (Zarath) 14/63, Singing 14/42.

Languages & Scripts: Mafanese 12/84, Mafani (script) 14/98, Hârnic 12/60, Lakise (script) 14/84

Lore & Craft: Fishing 11/33, Seamanship 13/26, Weatherlore 10/20, Piloting 11/11, Astrology 13/36, Survival 15/45, Embalming 10/10, Cookery 9/36, Tarotry 13/39.

Ritual Invocations (Level/Piety Cost): Blessing III/15, Communion I/5, Consecration III/15, Courage III/15, Cure II/10, Divination II/10, Exorcism II/10, Invisibility III/15, Peace I/5, Protection II/10, Stealth II/10, Truthsense III/15, Woodscraft II/10.


Background note: Raj, checking some Hârn background, I discovered the city-state of Idepan is home to the primate (most senior priest) of the religion of Zarath, the god of mystery – which is what the Mafani call Siem. Andy.

Gutei’s life was simple once upon a time – the son of a Fisherman, he was born in Idepan, Mafan on the 16th of Azura, 696. The middle child of the family, he found himself often out of place and at odds with his siblings through most of his initial childhood. Though his body wandered the sea, learning the art of fishery his heart remained firmly planted on land. His mind, meanwhile, often found itself in the air – aloof and apart from his family.

Many things brought it back down to Earth through his youth, however. At the bright age of eight, Gutei watched in curiousity as his elder brother left the home, dressed in ramshackle militia armor – and was never seen again. At the brighter age of eleven, he saw his younger brother perish in a boating accident, body bleached white by asphyxiation. At 14, he watched as a storm took his father’s boat out to sea. Finally at 15, he listened to his mother’s last, ragged breath as she lost her battle with Pnuemonia.

The memories of the months that followed were lost to grief – all that matter was what happened when he turned sixteen. Then he found himself within the city of Idepan, standing before the Temple of Siem. He wasn’t sure what brought him there. Perhaps it was the priests that he had occasionally met during his years. Or the attraction and his interest to travel that he saw mirrored in the temple’s many philosophies. Or perhaps it was that odd dream; one so clear yet so distant, bringing him on the wings of fate to land right there. All Gutei knows is that he seemed to belong there, taking up service within the temple’s walls and slowly learning.

His mind found many things within it’s walls. Mystery, knowledge and lore. He learnt under many scholars, including one known as Mephis Rai; a priest that had travelled extensively to Harn and had catalogued many stories from there. Rai took in Gutei as his pupil, teaching him of the far off land and many other things he had learnt on his journeys. For the next 4 years or so, Gutei would slowly rise the ranks in the temple. Learning, reading and developing a slightly more mellow outlook to life. For a while things seem good – he was learning, living and generally growing in the temple, having become a priest at the age of 20 after having done a fair bit of piety.

Things all came crashing down though, around a year ago. Gutei awoke one night; in a cold sweat and with the lingering image of a dream he could not shake. One so powerful, so moving that he could only conclude it was a message from Zarath himself. A direct order and task that could only be done in one place in the world. Saying his goodbyes, Gutei set out to cross the continent on foot. Though they were many adventures on the way, all that mattered is that he now stands upon the shores of Harn, a weight on his shoulders he can barely hold up and a task only he knows he must finish.

Gutei made his way to the capital, where he first pledged his loyalty to the kingdom. He has worked with the kingdom’s courts as a priest, a confidant and an apparentice embalmer, fortune teller and occasionally advisor. His honesty is his greatest asset – and curse; while he has gotten a reputation as someone who can get jobs done or keep secrets, well, secret.


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