Eogain mac Eogain

A young former herdsman, rather short and of average build, with brown hair and green eyes



Strength: 13 Endurance: 9 Dexterity: 14 Agility: 11 Speed: 13
Eyesight: 15 Hearing: 13 Smell/Taste: 11 Touch: 11 Voice: 10
Intelligence: 11 Aura: 11 Will: 17 Morality: 13 (law abiding)

Birth & Family

Species & Sex: Human Male Birthdate: Nuzyael 2, 700TR Sunsign: Lado-Ulandus Cusp
Birthplace: Kiban, Kaldor Parent Occupation: Man-at-Arms Sibling Rank: 3rd of 5
Clanhead: Father’s father Estrangement: Average

Medical & Appearance

Medical: Alcoholism Handedness: Right Size: 5
Frame: Medium Height: 5ft 0ins Weight: 124lb
Complexion: Medium Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Green
Comeliness: 14 (attractive)


Psyche: None Religion: Larani Piety: 16

Skills (SB/ML)

Physical & Combat: Climbing 15/60, Condition 13/65, Dodge 12/60, Initiative 14/70, Jumping 12/52, Mobility 12/60, Stealth 13/39, Throwing 14/60, Unarmed 15/60, Longswords 13/39, Knives 13/39, Shields 15/60, Bows 14/42, Clubs 15/60, Riding 15/30, Legerdemain 13/26.

Communication: Awareness 13/52, Intrigue 13/52, Oratory 12/24, Rhetoric 13/52, Ritual (Larani) 10/10, Singing 11/33.

Languages & Scripts: Hârnic 15/75, Lakise (script) 13/83, Jarin 15/15.

Lore & Craft: Cattlecraft 14/56, Sheepcraft 14/56, Tracking 17/51, Survival 15/75, Foraging 14/95, Weatherlore 13/52, Carving 17/17, Fishing 16/32, Heraldry 11/22.

Talents: Good at finding things (double Foraging OML & development rolls).


Eogain’s father was man-at-arms in Jarin a few years before the rebellions. He accepted a comission in Kiban in TR698 as a man-at-arms for the Earl of Balim. Eogain was the first of his siblings to be born in Kaldor. His mother is a younger daughter of a Jarinian rancher.

There were few children of similar social status and age for Eogain to play with in Kiban. It was even worse for Troda Dariune’s children. Early on Lord Dariune’s children were allowed to associate with Eogain and the other children of Lord Dariune’s trusted advisers and officers. It was during those years that Eogain learned to read and write lakise.

Eogain’s father and mother would speak Jarin privately but only spoke Hârnic to their children in an effort to assimilate them into the Kaldorian culture. Eogain’s name is one of the few remnants of his parent’s Jarinian origins. He has had very little contact with his parents relatives.

Eogain mac Eogain

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