Egil Yngling

A young, blond-haired, blue-eyed Ivinian from the kingdom of Menglana. Egil is a little under average height and lightly built, but has a wiry strength.



Strength: 15 Endurance: 13 Dexterity: 12 Agility: 13 Speed: 8
Eyesight: 13 Hearing: 13 Smell/Taste: 9 Touch: 12 Voice: 12
Intelligence: 9 Aura: 10 Will: 8 Morality: 17

Birth & Family

Species & Sex: Male Human Birthdate: Nuzyael 17, 699TR Sunsign: Ulandus (the Tree)
Birthplace: Vulenheim, Menglana Parent Occupation: Seaman Sibling Rank: 4th of 4
Clanhead: Aunt Estrangement: Popular

Medical & Appearance

Medical: Birthmark on hip Handedness: Right Size: 5
Frame: Light Height: 5ft 6ins Weight: 131lb
Complexion: Fair Hair colour: Blond Eye colour: Blue
Comeliness: 8 (Plain)


Psyche: Fear of snakes (resistance 25) Religion: Sarajin Piety: 14

Skills (SB/ML)

Physical & Combat: Climbing 16/64, Condition 12/72, Dodge 11/55, Initiative 10/50, Jumping 12/48, Mobility 10/50, Stealth 11/33, Throwing 13/52, Unarmed 15/45, Clubs 14/56, Knives 12/36, Shields 14/56, Axes 13/39, Longswords 14/56, Staves 14/42.

Communication: Acting 11/44, Awareness 12/48, Intrigue 9/27, Oratory 10/60, Rhetoric 10/30, Ritual (Sarajin) 12/12, Singing 12/36.

Languages & Scripts: Ivinian 8/80, Hârnic 8/48.

Lore & Craft: Seamanship 13/65, Fishing 11/22, Weatherlore 11/11, Piloting 11/11, Shipwright 12/12, Survival 14/56, Physician 11/22, Timbercraft 17/34, Tracking 16/32.

Talents: Gift of Tongues (double starting language MLs & development rolls)


Egil Yngling, fourth son of a fourth son, was born at sea in the middle of a grand storm. His family took this as a sign and named him Storm Born. The boy grew up and while not the most handsome of his siblings he had the piercing blue eyes of his father and the blonde hair of his mother. The boy also exhibited a hidden strength and an almost frighting blood lust. Egil’s mother a shieldmaiden saw the darkness in her sons heart and fearing he would grow up to be a bloodletting sociopath took him under her wing. Teaching the boy discipline and combat while cultivating a love for song and dancing, the boy’s father in turn taught him how to handle the seas and instilled a deeply religious fever for Sarajin within the growing child. The boy eventually became a man and with the approval of his aunt the clan head, headed off to carve his own path. Egil eventually threw his lot in with a bunch of raiders who pillaged and ravaged the coasts of northern Harn. The young Egil was on the verge of losing himself as he mindlessly slayed young, old and lame in his bloodlust, until a storm of immense proportions consumed the raiders and him. Egil somehow survived, and found himself washed up in some godsforsaken beach. Whether it was a sign of Sarajins favor or due to being Stormborn the groggy Egil did not know. The disoriented man simply walked into the mainland without purpose. A few days in he discovered himself in some sort of camp. Brandishing his axe and shield the starving and half mad Egil threatened in Invinian the people who resided in the camp. All of them simply laughed. With one colourful fellow taking out his lute and singing a song. Egil remembered the song from his childhood , a nursery rhyme his mother used to sing to him . The camp of troubadours had disarmed Egil not through strength of arms but through song as the young man sheathed his axe and started singing along. The troupe eventually took him in and taught the man about the arts and the Harnic tongue. He finally found peace and a love for acting but alas all good things came to an end. Egil still hungered for adventure and violence. So he decided with his knew found knowledge of Harnic he would strike out on his own as an adventurer and so with a teary eye he said his farewells to the people who taught him about the wonders of the arts and immediately left for the the nearest city which happened to be Tashal.

Egil Yngling

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