• Egil Yngling

    Egil Yngling

    A young, blond-haired, blue-eyed Ivinian from the kingdom of Menglana. Egil is a little under average height and lightly built, but has a wiry strength.
  • Emuyuru Inike

    Emuyuru Inike

    Tarek's Character
  • Eogain mac Eogain

    Eogain mac Eogain

    A young former herdsman, rather short and of average build, with brown hair and green eyes
  • Gutei


    A tall, dark-skinned monk with auburn hair and dark eyes from the Mafani state of Idepan. Bald, but with a the shade of a beard around his chin. Fairly young looking, but with sagging shoulders and a haunted look in his eyes.