Káldôr Government

There are three main branches of central government in Káldôr in addition to its military command and regional government.

Central Government

The Chamber

The chamber is the king’s household. The current Lord High Chamberlain is the king’s niece, the Princess Meliem Elendsa. Her staff include the Seneshal of the Chamber, royal chef, clerks of the chamber, the Astrologer Royal, the Master of the Esoteric Arts, the Lord Master Herald, His Majesty’s personal physician, the Chief Bard and the King’s Fool. Most of these have their own staff and apprentices.

The Chancery

The chancery is the judicial branch of the government. The current Lord High Chancellor is Tarkin of Hirnen, brother of the Baron of Nenda and a nephew of the king. His staff include the Inquisitor General and the Lord Advocate of Káldôr, who administers the Chancery Advocates. The Lord Privy Seal, Lady Eríla Káphin, also technically answers to the Lord High Chancellor, though in practice she reports directly to the king; she controls the chancery clerks, the Keeper of the Rolls and the Royal Agents.

The Exchequer

The Exchequer runs the royal finances. The current Exchequer Royal, Troda Dariune, the Earl of Balim, is one of the most influential and powerful nobles in Káldôr. His staff includes the Treasurer, the Governor of the Royal Mint, the Collector General (who controls the tax collectors), the exchequer clerks, the Inspector of Public Works and the Royal Masons.

The Military

The Army

As is common in feudal nations, Káldôr does not maintain a standing army outside a small royal guard and the armies of the marches, but the command structure fr feudal levies is in place should the need arise. The king will appoint a Lord Marshal as army commander if necessary.

The Royal Guard

The High Guard consists of two permanent units of Royal Knights, each consisting of 20 men, and a similar number of knights raised from the feudal levy. The Low Guard consists of four permanent units of elite men-at-arms, each consisting of around 20 men. The guard usually travels with the king, though units can be detached for special service, including stiffening local units or protecting important visitors. The Lord High Marshal of the Royal Guard is Sir Koris of Harabor who, like his older brother Sir Maldan of Harabor, Sheriff of Meselyneshire, is widely believed to be one of the king’s bastards. Sir Koris is also responsible for the Royal Squires, the Master of the Hunt and the Royal Weaponcrafter and Royal Ostler.

The Provincial Government

The Shires

Each of the sheriffs administers a shire from a royal castle or royal keep. They are responsible for adminstering the king’s affairs in the shires, and their staff includes the bailiffs of the hundreds, bailiffs of royal manors, constables of royal castles or keeps within the shire, and the royal foresters in shires which contain royal forests.

The shires and their sheriffs as of 720TR are:

Balimshire: Sir Eris Karonel runs the shire from the royal keep at Shebra.

Meselyneshire: Sir Maldan of Harabor, widely considered to be one of the king’s bastards, who runs the shire from the royal castle of Olokand.

Nephshire: Baron Chimin Indama is the Sheriff of Nephshire. When he’s not at his own keep of Getha, he performs his duties from the royal keep of Bidow.

Oselshire: The office of sheriff is currently vacant. The bailiff of the royal manor of Aldorel, Sir Kodar Maradyne, is acting as sheriff. The country seat is at Hutop

Semethshire: Sir Conwan Elendsa, the king’s nephew, runs the shire from the royal keep at Querina. Sir Conwan holds the former royal hunting estate of Etoss in his own right. Semethshire includes lands west of the River Kald over which Káldôr has only a tenuous hold.

Thelshire: Sir Ranal of Gybsen runs the shire from the royal keep at Sirendel.

Vemionshire: Sir Tulath Káphin, only child of Lady Eríla Káphin, administers Vemionshire from the royal keep at Athelren.

The Marches

Each of the two marches has a standing army of around 80 men-at-arms, divided into four companies – two of medium foot, one of light foot and one of light archers. Numbers can double with the feudal levy in summer.

The Chelmarch

The Chelmarch lies to the west of Káldôr’s settled lands, and runs as far as Trobridge Inn. The king is the current Lord High Warden of the Chelmarch, but field duties are carried ut by the deputy warden, Sir Korus of Ynel, bailiff of the royal manor of Kathane. The principle duties of the Army of the Chelmarch, stationed at Kathane and Tashal, are to patrol the Salt Route, Káldôr’s trade route to the Thardic Republic and western Hârn, and subdue the Kath barbarians.

The Oselmarch

The Oselmarch lies south of Káldôr. The Lord High Warden is Baron Orsin Firith, who holds Kobing keep of the king. While the Army of the Oselmarch is supposed to keep the Genin Trail safe for merchants, in reality it patrols only as far as the Oselbridge; beyond that merchants must rely on their own guards and hope the Pagaelin aren’t too hostile.

Káldôr Government

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