Sir Kathel Dezaller

A squat, stocky knight in his mid-30s with prematurely greying black hair and beard and male-pattern baldness.


Sir Kathel is a famous jouster and tournament fighter, and is fond of talking about that, especially when drinking. He lacks real combat experience – and the courtly manners expected of a modern knight. He talks loudly, has a rough voice, cannot read or write, and he is a bore who talks of his own exploits and matters on which he considers himself an expert – horses, lancing and the like. He rarely bathes.

Sir Kathel’s most notable tournament victory was against Sir Scina Dariune, son of the Earl of Balim, who he defeated in foot combat at the Tashal WInter Tourney in 719. His hall is decorated with the hauberks, shields and batteswords of nine of the knights he’s defeated in tournaments over the years – other’s he’s sold to fund the mercenearies he hired in summer, or to supplement his own tourney appearances. Other weapons on his walls are five lances, two morningstars, a ball-and-chain and a superior-quality battleaxe. He loves these weapons dearly.

He has become extremely frustrated at his inability to stop peasants disappearing, and has taken to the bottle. Since they have refused to bring in his harvest, he is determined to force them. He’s imprisoned the village reeve and has threatened to hang him unless his serfs start the harvest within two days.

Sir Kathel Dezaller

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